Trending: Twene Jonas shot dead in New York? Here is the truth...(Read More)


Just recently, a report reached our desk and stated that famous American influencer Twene Jonas has been shot dead in New York City by an unknown gang

Since this news broke out on the internet, it has been going viral like wildfire and taking over the internet by storm. As Twene Jonas is a noted personality in America and other countries like Ghana, his death news has left people in a frenzy to know if this news is true or fake

This saddening story continues to make headlines on every social media platform and leaves netizens in a frenzy to search for it. 

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A lot’s questions are being asked about Twene Jonas’s death. Meanwhile, the news is not yet verified 

we have covered all the imperative aspects of this story. 

So be sticky with this page as we bring you all further updates on the rumor

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